How To Do Timeless Tiki

Palm fronds, banana leaves, and other tropical prints seem to be having a moment right now. Add on top of that San Francisco's serious tiki culture (think Smuggler's Cove, Tonga Room, Trad’r Sam’s, Leo's Oyster Bar & Palm House) and you get lots of clients asking for their very own tiki room. Something we've been focusing on is how do we make this trend timeless for our clients. We've gathered up a few tips on how we think you can make this trend last for years to come. 

1. Vintage teak

Vintage pieces will add a retro appeal, while the tone of the wood will remind you of the rain forest. 

2. Wallpaper

Don't get too cartoony, also removable is also great option. Also You don't always have to go so literal. You can create the same feel with shapes and using tropical/jungle tones

3. Botanicals

Don't hesitate to bring in lots of plants and flowers to the space. Keep things fresh and lively and mix and match different green tones. 

4. Large scale prints

If wallpaper is too much of a commitment a large scale print will add create similar drama.

5. Keep it light

Don't let the space too dark, keep it bright and airy

6. Opt for a lighter weight rattan

The slim lines will keep the furniture looking more modern and less clunky

7. Upholstery

Chose smaller pieces you can easily swap out and update when you tire of a bold pattern. Think throw pillows ottomans and cushions not full couches. 

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How Interior Designers are using Ceramics!

My love and obsession for ceramic arts has and always will be an influence on the way I design and a huge part of my life. I am enamored by the truth and beauty ceramic sculptures embody. Taking raw earth materials and transforming them into dimensional shapes that create emotional reactions is the purist form of art I can think of. 

I am so inspired and in love with the sculptures, tiles, objects and accessories people today are creating and how we can use them in interior design. I feel that they resonate with clients because of their beauty and simplicity and they truly align with what I think is important in designing spaces.  To have something handmade or one of a kind in your home creates an honest appreciation for your space and can be so humbling to look at everyday. 

                              Cement Ceramics by Twocan Shop

                             Cement Ceramics by Twocan Shop

                                        Handmade Fireclay Tile

                                       Handmade Fireclay Tile