Project Reveal: Flores

Flores is a modern day cantina, located in San Francisco's Cow Hollow neighborhood, with the spirit of Mexico captured by the interior design. 

We pulled inspiration from the natural beauty of the Tulum, Yucatan, and Caribbean regions. Flora and jungle-esque plants, authentic patterned tiles, rattan pendant lights and leather equipale chairs were all incorporated to transform the space. 

Staying true to the client’s desires, the team created a space that feels authentically Mexican and a can transport guests to another time and place. In using textural outdoor materials like wood siding, white stucco and cement floor tiles the finishes are meant to feel lively and to bring the outdoors up close and personal.

The dark carving in the bar was a commissioned piece completed by Jesus Sosa, a native to Oaxaca. We wanted something that felt extremely authentic and a little dark, like it had history and a story. He finished the 8' carving in 6 weeks and it tells one of the stories of his village. He and we are so proud to be able to collaborate and create one of a kind pieces that everyone gets to enjoy! This piece was a really special addition to the space. 

The Pivot Bar Stool,  Abbatoir Table Stool and Equipale Pigskin Restaurant Chair provide casual seating in the bar and outdoors. 

Different sizes and styles of handwoven shades create a layered lighting effect. 

The mural was also a commissioned piece completed by Marcial Cabada “AKA Machy,” a local bay area artist. The strong feminine figures were vital to making the space have intention and interest. The colors are spectacular and we balanced the design with "woven" patterns that emulate a landscape. I wanted the mural to feel integrate and not like it was sitting on top of the design. I think we achieved that! 

We mounted Mexican Handmade Amate Paper to reclaimed wooden boards to make an interesting art piece. 

Multi-color string lights from Pigeon Toe Ceramics add color and a nice ambiance to the back dining room. The banquette back fabric is super durable and from Perennials

Photography by: Lauren Edith Andersen

Wanderlust: PALM SPRINGS!

I can't even begin to explain how incredible my weekend was. All my ladies gathered at a mid century modern luxury rental house for my bachelorette party and I couldn't be glowing more because of it. The desert is a special place for me. I love the colors and the landscape, the warmth and the evening breeze. It calls to the inner sun goddess in us all. So Palm Springs is all that, surrounded by extremely inspiring low slung mid century architecture trimmed with palm trees, succulents, cactus, and string lights. I basically can't get enough of this gem of a town. Mix in a great martini, a piano bar and a pool party and you have basically described my ideal weekend. 

So in an effort to lure you all to this incredible oasis I have put together my fav spots to hit while desert dwelling in the la la land vacation paradise. 

Ace Hotel 

Always a good time! We sat on the patio and had a delicious lunch overlooking the pool with Pina Coladas in hand. 

Hike the Agua Caliente Indian Canyon 

It is hot so bring lots of water but you start in the middle of a huge desert reserve and hike into lush palm groves that ends in an incredible water fall. It is a total do not miss if you like to be outdoors. 

Stay at a Fab Airbnb

There is nothing better than unlimited drinks, a pool party in slow hung mid century bungalow!

Head to the Palm Springs Art Museum or hit a an architecture tour

There are so many incredible buildings to explore and tons of tour options out there. 

Eat outside with live music at Las Casuelas 

Great Food and drinks in a beautiful indoor/outdoor setting perfect for a break in the day or night!


Our Go To Color For Warmth!

Color trends come and go but this earthy beauty is a true favorite of mine! Its versatility and depth is fantastic and can be used in so many ways. The warmth and the glow of that beautiful terra cotta color can do wonders for a space or an outfit. 

It also works well with pretty much every skin tone...which we love!

Earthy, neutral and sometimes even feminine, rust can add richness and warmth to any space.  Incorporate it through accessories like pillows and cushions or through larger pieces like rugs and paint colors. 

We're even incorporating rust into our self care. Clay masks have been used for years and are a great way to draw out impurities. You can go the all natural DIY route (outlined here) or just pick up the pre-made kind.

Project Reveal: Nylas

Nylas was a particularly fun project, because designing an office space deviates from our usual design work (which is typically residential and restaurants). Right off the bat they started out with a great concept. Many of the employees are avid rock climbers and are inspired by the grand scale of National Parks. We chose finishes and a color palette that emulates the beauty of the natural world and the colors you see while rock climbing. 

Location: 695 Minna St, San Francisco, CA 94103

The lighting installation in the event space is to inpsired by the glow of a starry sky you only see when outside the city lights.

The mural in the kitchen is layered with rock climbing ropes that link the architecture of the “mountains”.

The kitchen was meant to feel communal and a place to gather their team. The low tables and stools feel more like a picnic table or a dining hall than a corportate lunch spot. 

The fireplace adds a natural warmth to the space and the brick walls gave us great bones to work off of. 

The communal spaces for the team needed to be collaborative in function and comfortable in form. We used rich leathers mixed with lots of textural patterns and a dark color palette to add a cozy cabin feeling.


Current Mood



What We Are Eating

It's not exactly a newcomer to San Francisco, but CALA has been consistently my favorite restaurant in the city since it opened over a year ago. 

What We Are Shopping

I've been coveting these green Dr. Martens for the longest time. It might be time to pull the trigger, as combat boots are showing up all over NYFW.

What We Listen To

It Ain't Me - Single

Kygo & Selena Gomez


What Inspires Us

This month the HCD team went to the Pace Gallery in Palo Alto to see an installation by Tara Donovan. While I have seen her installations before, it is always so refreshing to be reminded how simple unassuming objects can transform into incredible works of art. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

What We Are Wearing

Textured tops, big sleeves, pleated skirts, what more could a girl ask for?

What We Are Designing With

Below are some items that we are currently designing and styling with. Black and green have been in my intuitive picks lately. I love caning and mixing in natural materials to a space. This Kitchen is an insanely inspiring design by liljencrantz design


New Year New Dreams

I don't love resolutions. In most cases resolutions aren't permanent because they aren't realistic or you aren't totally ready for a huge overhaul in the way you live. 

Instead I choose to focus on my new year dreams. What do I really want out this next 365 days? It is less about changing into who we want to be and more about becoming the best versions of ourselves. I love to visualize myself at the end of the year and think about all the things I want to look back on. For us at HCD we have some huge goals on deck for 2017 but here are some inspirations to get the juices flowing. 


Travel to a place you have always dreamed of going! Near or far I never think travel is a waste of time or money. I find my greatest inspiration when i'm away from my desk. It is so important to clear your mind and regain a fresh perspective.


Create a new habit. There is so much time our mind is spent on autopilot that what we eat, what we say, how we present ourselves are usually based on what habits we have formed. Think of a habit you don't love and try to retrain your brain to work in a different way. 


Mix up your space. Environments have a huge affect on our emotions. As a designer this is something I live and die by. Paint a wall, Rearrange your furniture, invest in a great new piece of art you love or just work on minimizing clutter and mess. 

HCD Office

Emerging Designer of The Year 2016

A couple weeks ago a group of designers and influencers gathered at the beautiful Palace Hotel for the California Home + Design Awards. It was thrilling to be in a room of so many talented designers and I was honored to accept the award for Emerging Designer of the Year. I am very grateful and want to thank the whole team at CH+D for the recognition.



ca home and design emerging designer of the year


5 Ikea Pieces You Haven't Outgrown

I know past the age of 22 Ikea can be a place you never want to set eyes on again.  One design trick that can really help keep budget down is to mix high quality items with a few simple, more affordable pieces.  Adding the right accent light, floral arrangement or accessory can really change a space dramatically.


RODD - A simple Brass Table Lamp that can easily be dressed up with a sophisticated shade. 


SINNERLIG - A styling basket for firewood, magazines, blankets etc. 


SINNERLIG - A great modern coffee table that brings in a fun new texture the a space

CYLINDER - The perfect styling vases 

PS - Modern and simple storage cabinet 

Desk Envy

I spend so many hours at my desk I have made it a goal to always keep it decluttered and full of  things that bring me joy. A clean work surface can do wonders for productivity and focus. Create a space that brings you joy and calmness throughout your day! A few words of inspiration never hurt anyone either! 




How to know if you need an Architect vs. Designer...and other trade savvy tips!

Many clients ask me this question:  how do I know whether I need an architect or a designer?  There really is no concrete answer; each project needs to be evaluated individually.  Here are some things that may help you understand the process and help you make a decision.

1. If your project involves brand new construction, or if you are completely demolishing your house or business, you are going to need an architect. Some architects have  design teams and some prefer to work with outside or third party designers.  In my opinion, interior designers and architects often think about space a little differently and if you can afford to have both, it is best to have more heads creating design solutions for you. 

2. If you are moving a few walls and updating items in your house you can most likely go with either. Most designers have the capacity to draw plans and have contractors pull permits for you. If you are remodeling a kitchen or bath, you will want to find a designer with a strong background in kitchen and bath design, or someone who has a team capable of design build and construction management. You may also need an architect depending on the complexity of your project.. The choice is yours;  it should be based on who you feel listens to you, and someone you feel you could work well with.

3. If you simply want to paint, add furniture, rework layouts and get your space looking photograph worthy, an interior designer is your best bet and obviously no architect is needed. That being said, align yourself with a firm who you feel really understands your needs and dreams. 

A few design tips to think about: 

- Custom isn't always more expensive than store bought  

- Take time to explore your style and what you like or dislike. This is the easiest way to get what you are really looking for. 

- Try not to get burned out! Remind yourself why you started this process and keep your mantra positive. It is very easy to get lost at the end of a project! 

- Be open minded. Many clients who are open to new and different ideas end up with designs they are happier with. 

- Take risks. This is the one I feel allows designs to really develop into incredible spaces! 


5 Easy ways to get started on the bathroom remodel of your dreams!

1. Decide what to keep - Which items in the bathroom you currently own really have to go and which can stay? For example, if you can keep the floors and the shower/tub in tact it could end up saving you a lot of money. Can you keep the location of everything just as is or do you need to move it around? This is the difference between what we call replacement in kind or full gut remodel. If you keep all your plumbing fixtures in their original location this could potentially save a lot on overall cost. 

2. Create a Mood board of all the items you like and see how they work together. Include anything you are keeping on the board like floor tile, shower head, vanity etc because it will visually allow you to see how each element relates to one another! Snap a picture and you can print them all out and glue them to a board or use photoshop or indesign to create a digital version. 

3. Dream big then cut back - This is another strategy I think is helpful to clients when trying to determine cost vs. value of certain items. The best thing to do is start really high level with your dream fixtures and finishes and then cut back to fit your actual budget. This will allow you to compare things with real numbers and context and you can make better decisions once you see the overall number. 

4. Create a budget - Put together a really simple spreadsheet that outlines how much you want to spend and work backwards. Some plumbing fixtures have multiple components so you will want to do the necessary research to figure out which ones need rough in valves etc.

5.  Review and Edit - I always tell my clients to sit with the mood boards I create for them for a few days or weeks to see if anything stands out that they start to dislike. Hang a copy of it up somewhere you look often and keep referring back to it until you absolutely love everything on it and can't live without the whole package! 

Here are some Mood board examples that might inspire you to get started!!!

powderroom bathroom remodel moodboard
Spanish bathroom remodel

How Interior Designers are using Ceramics!

My love and obsession for ceramic arts has and always will be an influence on the way I design and a huge part of my life. I am enamored by the truth and beauty ceramic sculptures embody. Taking raw earth materials and transforming them into dimensional shapes that create emotional reactions is the purist form of art I can think of. 

I am so inspired and in love with the sculptures, tiles, objects and accessories people today are creating and how we can use them in interior design. I feel that they resonate with clients because of their beauty and simplicity and they truly align with what I think is important in designing spaces.  To have something handmade or one of a kind in your home creates an honest appreciation for your space and can be so humbling to look at everyday. 

                              Cement Ceramics by Twocan Shop

                             Cement Ceramics by Twocan Shop

                                        Handmade Fireclay Tile

                                       Handmade Fireclay Tile