Our Favs from West Coast Craft


This last weekend San Francisco's Fort Mason Center hosted West Coast Craft. This summer's exhibition featured more than 250 artists and designer craftsmen showcasing their creations. This summer's selection did not disappoint and everything was tied together by a relaxed West Coast vibe. Some of my favorites from this year include: 


Jewelry and Accessories

Abacus Row (http://www.abacusrow.com/)

Molly Debiak (http://www.mollydebiak.com/

CA Makes (http://www.camakes.com/)



Bryr Studio (http://www.bryrstudio.com/)

Feda Salvador (http://www.fredasalvador.com/)


Home - Art & Furniture

Aleksandra Zee (http://www.aleksandrazee.com/)

Caravan Pacific (http://caravan-pacific.com/)

One Forty Three (http://shop.onefortythree.com/)


Home - Accessories

The Granite (http://www.workshop-thegranite.com/)

Mirena Kim Ceramics (http://www.mirenakim.com/)

Fire Road (http://www.fireroad.us/)

Nipomo (http://hellonipomo.com/)

Nell & Mary (https://www.nellandmary.com)