Our Go To Color For Warmth!

Color trends come and go but this earthy beauty is a true favorite of mine! Its versatility and depth is fantastic and can be used in so many ways. The warmth and the glow of that beautiful terra cotta color can do wonders for a space or an outfit. 

It also works well with pretty much every skin tone...which we love!

Earthy, neutral and sometimes even feminine, rust can add richness and warmth to any space.  Incorporate it through accessories like pillows and cushions or through larger pieces like rugs and paint colors. 

We're even incorporating rust into our self care. Clay masks have been used for years and are a great way to draw out impurities. You can go the all natural DIY route (outlined here) or just pick up the pre-made kind.

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What We Are Eating

It's not exactly a newcomer to San Francisco, but CALA has been consistently my favorite restaurant in the city since it opened over a year ago. 

What We Are Shopping

I've been coveting these green Dr. Martens for the longest time. It might be time to pull the trigger, as combat boots are showing up all over NYFW.

What We Listen To

It Ain't Me - Single

Kygo & Selena Gomez


What Inspires Us

This month the HCD team went to the Pace Gallery in Palo Alto to see an installation by Tara Donovan. While I have seen her installations before, it is always so refreshing to be reminded how simple unassuming objects can transform into incredible works of art. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

What We Are Wearing

Textured tops, big sleeves, pleated skirts, what more could a girl ask for?

What We Are Designing With

Below are some items that we are currently designing and styling with. Black and green have been in my intuitive picks lately. I love caning and mixing in natural materials to a space. This Kitchen is an insanely inspiring design by liljencrantz design


Our Favorite Showrooms In LA

We were recently in Los Angeles for DWELL on design and spent and entire day running across town in hunt of all the best showrooms in LA. Here is our round up of fabulous places you must visit ASAP that carry both vintage and new lines of incredible furniture, lighting and home goods. 

Galerie Half 

How To Do Timeless Tiki

Palm fronds, banana leaves, and other tropical prints seem to be having a moment right now. Add on top of that San Francisco's serious tiki culture (think Smuggler's Cove, Tonga Room, Trad’r Sam’s, Leo's Oyster Bar & Palm House) and you get lots of clients asking for their very own tiki room. Something we've been focusing on is how do we make this trend timeless for our clients. We've gathered up a few tips on how we think you can make this trend last for years to come. 

1. Vintage teak

Vintage pieces will add a retro appeal, while the tone of the wood will remind you of the rain forest. 

2. Wallpaper

Don't get too cartoony, also removable is also great option. Also You don't always have to go so literal. You can create the same feel with shapes and using tropical/jungle tones

3. Botanicals

Don't hesitate to bring in lots of plants and flowers to the space. Keep things fresh and lively and mix and match different green tones. 

4. Large scale prints

If wallpaper is too much of a commitment a large scale print will add create similar drama.

5. Keep it light

Don't let the space too dark, keep it bright and airy

6. Opt for a lighter weight rattan

The slim lines will keep the furniture looking more modern and less clunky

7. Upholstery

Chose smaller pieces you can easily swap out and update when you tire of a bold pattern. Think throw pillows ottomans and cushions not full couches. 

Tiki Room.jpg

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Our Favs from West Coast Craft


This last weekend San Francisco's Fort Mason Center hosted West Coast Craft. This summer's exhibition featured more than 250 artists and designer craftsmen showcasing their creations. This summer's selection did not disappoint and everything was tied together by a relaxed West Coast vibe. Some of my favorites from this year include: 


Jewelry and Accessories

Abacus Row (http://www.abacusrow.com/)

Molly Debiak (http://www.mollydebiak.com/

CA Makes (http://www.camakes.com/)



Bryr Studio (http://www.bryrstudio.com/)

Feda Salvador (http://www.fredasalvador.com/)


Home - Art & Furniture

Aleksandra Zee (http://www.aleksandrazee.com/)

Caravan Pacific (http://caravan-pacific.com/)

One Forty Three (http://shop.onefortythree.com/)


Home - Accessories

The Granite (http://www.workshop-thegranite.com/)

Mirena Kim Ceramics (http://www.mirenakim.com/)

Fire Road (http://www.fireroad.us/)

Nipomo (http://hellonipomo.com/)

Nell & Mary (https://www.nellandmary.com)

5 Ikea Pieces You Haven't Outgrown

I know past the age of 22 Ikea can be a place you never want to set eyes on again.  One design trick that can really help keep budget down is to mix high quality items with a few simple, more affordable pieces.  Adding the right accent light, floral arrangement or accessory can really change a space dramatically.


RODD - A simple Brass Table Lamp that can easily be dressed up with a sophisticated shade. 


SINNERLIG - A styling basket for firewood, magazines, blankets etc. 


SINNERLIG - A great modern coffee table that brings in a fun new texture the a space

CYLINDER - The perfect styling vases 

PS - Modern and simple storage cabinet