Project Reveal: Nylas

Nylas was a particularly fun project, because designing an office space deviates from our usual design work (which is typically residential and restaurants). Right off the bat they started out with a great concept. Many of the employees are avid rock climbers and are inspired by the grand scale of National Parks. We chose finishes and a color palette that emulates the beauty of the natural world and the colors you see while rock climbing. 

Location: 695 Minna St, San Francisco, CA 94103

The lighting installation in the event space is to inpsired by the glow of a starry sky you only see when outside the city lights.

The mural in the kitchen is layered with rock climbing ropes that link the architecture of the “mountains”.

The kitchen was meant to feel communal and a place to gather their team. The low tables and stools feel more like a picnic table or a dining hall than a corportate lunch spot. 

The fireplace adds a natural warmth to the space and the brick walls gave us great bones to work off of. 

The communal spaces for the team needed to be collaborative in function and comfortable in form. We used rich leathers mixed with lots of textural patterns and a dark color palette to add a cozy cabin feeling.


Desk Envy

I spend so many hours at my desk I have made it a goal to always keep it decluttered and full of  things that bring me joy. A clean work surface can do wonders for productivity and focus. Create a space that brings you joy and calmness throughout your day! A few words of inspiration never hurt anyone either!