New Year New Dreams

I don't love resolutions. In most cases resolutions aren't permanent because they aren't realistic or you aren't totally ready for a huge overhaul in the way you live. 

Instead I choose to focus on my new year dreams. What do I really want out this next 365 days? It is less about changing into who we want to be and more about becoming the best versions of ourselves. I love to visualize myself at the end of the year and think about all the things I want to look back on. For us at HCD we have some huge goals on deck for 2017 but here are some inspirations to get the juices flowing. 


Travel to a place you have always dreamed of going! Near or far I never think travel is a waste of time or money. I find my greatest inspiration when i'm away from my desk. It is so important to clear your mind and regain a fresh perspective.


Create a new habit. There is so much time our mind is spent on autopilot that what we eat, what we say, how we present ourselves are usually based on what habits we have formed. Think of a habit you don't love and try to retrain your brain to work in a different way. 


Mix up your space. Environments have a huge affect on our emotions. As a designer this is something I live and die by. Paint a wall, Rearrange your furniture, invest in a great new piece of art you love or just work on minimizing clutter and mess. 

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