Going Green

We have so many clients that love the idea of plants, but lack the green thumb required to keep a plant alive. If this is you....there is hope! There are many benefits of having plants around you, besides air quality. They can contribute to an overall feeling of well being and make your space feel more relaxing. In fact the biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.

So don't feel left out, green thumb or not. Check out our tips below on how to bring the outdoors in with living plant alternatives!

Plant Photography

Photos of the outdoors and plants can evoke the same feeling of having real plants indoors. With great photography, the vibrant colors and textures of the greenery come through. 

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Dried Plants and Flowers

Dried plants and flowers need no care and can be beautiful, long lasting center pieces or wall decor. Some great options for this include Eucalyptus, Cotton, Pussy Willow branches, and Dogwood branches. 

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Finishes and Textures

Implementing green finishes and textures around the house can help bring in the outdoors. There are lots of possibilities, below you'll see wallpaper, paint, fabrics (like velvet), and tile. 

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Green Accessories

Greenery doesn't always have to be so literal. Look for green accessories to incorporate around the house, especially vintage items with a rustic quality.  

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