Project Reveal: Flores

Flores is a modern day cantina, located in San Francisco's Cow Hollow neighborhood, with the spirit of Mexico captured by the interior design. 

We pulled inspiration from the natural beauty of the Tulum, Yucatan, and Caribbean regions. Flora and jungle-esque plants, authentic patterned tiles, rattan pendant lights and leather equipale chairs were all incorporated to transform the space. 

Staying true to the client’s desires, the team created a space that feels authentically Mexican and a can transport guests to another time and place. In using textural outdoor materials like wood siding, white stucco and cement floor tiles the finishes are meant to feel lively and to bring the outdoors up close and personal.

The dark carving in the bar was a commissioned piece completed by Jesus Sosa, a native to Oaxaca. We wanted something that felt extremely authentic and a little dark, like it had history and a story. He finished the 8' carving in 6 weeks and it tells one of the stories of his village. He and we are so proud to be able to collaborate and create one of a kind pieces that everyone gets to enjoy! This piece was a really special addition to the space. 

The Pivot Bar Stool,  Abbatoir Table Stool and Equipale Pigskin Restaurant Chair provide casual seating in the bar and outdoors. 

Different sizes and styles of handwoven shades create a layered lighting effect. 

The mural was also a commissioned piece completed by Marcial Cabada “AKA Machy,” a local bay area artist. The strong feminine figures were vital to making the space have intention and interest. The colors are spectacular and we balanced the design with "woven" patterns that emulate a landscape. I wanted the mural to feel integrate and not like it was sitting on top of the design. I think we achieved that! 

We mounted Mexican Handmade Amate Paper to reclaimed wooden boards to make an interesting art piece. 

Multi-color string lights from Pigeon Toe Ceramics add color and a nice ambiance to the back dining room. The banquette back fabric is super durable and from Perennials

Photography by: Lauren Edith Andersen

Getting prepped for Spring

We are getting ready for Spring and Summer here at the HCD offices. The weather's warm, the sun's out, and everything seems just a bit brighter. Here are our fun tips for springing out your life!

Bring in the outdoors with seasonal flowers and citrus

It's Spring so everything is becoming more vibrant - the flowers that are in bloom and the produce that is in season. Incorporate some spring blooms (like cherry blossoms, tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils) or seasonal citrus into your decorating.  Even just bringing in some greenery can help increase the Springtime feels you are striving for. 

Spring/Summer Fashion

Reinforcing what is already apparent in nature, the Spring fashion trends are following suit. Bright colors are everywhere (especially pinks) and you can spot head-to-toe floral outfits everywhere. 

Sources: 1 / 2 

Refreshing Your Indoor Space

Get some new vibes going in your house by updating your pillows or refreshing your bedding. Try going lighter with some of these updates, fresh white linens and bright airy pillows add a relaxing, refreshing pop to any space!

Also don't be afraid to get moving, it's called Spring Cleaning for a reason. Getting rid of unwanted items can help thing feel minimalist and fresh. Even rearranging your furniture to give you a fresh perspective can help.

Our Spring Pillow Favs!

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3

Start Thinking About Your Outdoor Space

Get your patio or balcony ready for the warm weather that's to come. Add some lights - string lights are always a great idea, but for something a little less permanent and cozy you could bring out candles. Mix your patterns and textures. Bring some pieces typically found indoors outside, like an outdoor rug or outdoor pillows. Rattan is another great material that can go in or out and adding some plants if you live in an urban environment can help finish the space. Above all make sure there's a comfy place that you want to actually spend time in.

Here are a few places that we like to use as outdoor sources and inspiration:

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Sources: 1 / 2

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3

Wanderlust: PALM SPRINGS!

I can't even begin to explain how incredible my weekend was. All my ladies gathered at a mid century modern luxury rental house for my bachelorette party and I couldn't be glowing more because of it. The desert is a special place for me. I love the colors and the landscape, the warmth and the evening breeze. It calls to the inner sun goddess in us all. So Palm Springs is all that, surrounded by extremely inspiring low slung mid century architecture trimmed with palm trees, succulents, cactus, and string lights. I basically can't get enough of this gem of a town. Mix in a great martini, a piano bar and a pool party and you have basically described my ideal weekend. 

So in an effort to lure you all to this incredible oasis I have put together my fav spots to hit while desert dwelling in the la la land vacation paradise. 

Ace Hotel 

Always a good time! We sat on the patio and had a delicious lunch overlooking the pool with Pina Coladas in hand. 

Hike the Agua Caliente Indian Canyon 

It is hot so bring lots of water but you start in the middle of a huge desert reserve and hike into lush palm groves that ends in an incredible water fall. It is a total do not miss if you like to be outdoors. 

Stay at a Fab Airbnb

There is nothing better than unlimited drinks, a pool party in slow hung mid century bungalow!

Head to the Palm Springs Art Museum or hit a an architecture tour

There are so many incredible buildings to explore and tons of tour options out there. 

Eat outside with live music at Las Casuelas 

Great Food and drinks in a beautiful indoor/outdoor setting perfect for a break in the day or night!


What We Learned at GGRA

This last Monday and Tuesday Golden Gate Restaurant Association hosted their annual Industry Conference. Over those two days we got the opportunity to listen and talk to a variety of people in the industry and learn about how they are running their businesses and how they started. There were a wide range of topics covered, such as: Chef Development, Going Green, Social Media, Litigation, Restaurant Culture, and Immigration & Diversity. 

It's always great to hear fresh perspectives, as you can find yourself easily entrenched in your own practices.  Here were the top 5 take aways from the conference that seemed to be clear across the board of speakers.   

1. Social Media is a incredible (free) way to get your brand out there! As a restaurant owner it is important to think of how your space, brand touch points and food or beverage is represented in the social media platform. Make it easy for guests to take great photos by keeping the space light and bright and hiring a great design us :) 

2. When you are building a restaurant concept authenticity is key. What are you passionate about and what do you really feel supplies a need for the neighborhood. Do not compromise on either of those elements. 

3. Fast Casual is here to stay. There will always be a need for full service or fine dining models but as labor become outrageously expensive, concepts either need to be really clear and the best around and/or reduce labor with fast casual spaces that still give an interesting experience. 

4. Chose your real estate and landlord wisely. Your location, style of the space and who owns your building really matters. Pick a place with good bones, a landlord who cares about the success of your business and a neighborhood that needs your concept. 

5. Don't open your own concept unless you are extremely passionate about the industry. If you live, eat and breathe restaurants and there isn't anything else you can or want to do then...give it a go. If not, this industry isn't for you! 

A few of our favorite clients spoke and had incredible advise to give! 

Jen Pelka (owner of Magnum PR & The Riddler) was a panelist on the Social Medial 101: What Are Your Social Media Channels Actually Saying? panel.

Marko Sotto (owner of Barzotto) was a panelist on the What's The Future Of Service? panel. 


Adriano Paganini (CEO of Back of the House) was a panelist on the Best Practices In Profitability panel.