Visiting Portugal

Recently one of our team (who is also my sister), Emily, took off to explore Portugal. The main cities she visited were (from North to South) Porto, Obidos, Sintra, and Lisbon. Emily gave us a breakdown of the cities and said Obidos is a small medieval walled city that was wildly charming. Sintra  a fairytale castle land of wonders and great history. Lisbon our SF sister city has its own Golden Gate Bridge and running cable cars, but the best thing to do there is get lost in the small wandering streets. Porto, famous for port wine and the Duoro valley wine region had  great food and drink everywhere!  The people of Portugal were wonderful and we were welcomed with open arms and hearts.  Read on to hear a few more of her takeaways from the trip and see pictures. 

Portugal was all about tile. Every building, and street from Porto to Lisbon seemed to be covered in ornate tile and stone of all colors shapes and sizes. The most iconic being the blue and white tile. The streets were mostly all covered in slippery white and black stones laid in an array of different patterns.

The food was a lot of conservas (or canned seafood) but the best version you have ever had. Sardines that just fall off the bone and tuna were the highlights.  Loads of fresh seafood too prawns , clams, and a ton of Bacalhau. 

Photo Credit: Rebecca Morales