A Mediterranean Staycation

Summer seems to be blazing by us already and while many of us have vacations planned, some of us still can't find the time to get away. For those of you who are staying local why not take the time to make somewhere in your house feel like a Mediterranean sanctuary. This way you can make your staycation feel a bit more like your ultimate getaway. 

Start with a neutral white palette, maybe even plaster a wall if you are feeling crazy. Next, begin layering in natural fibers and textiles, natural stone and Terracotta, and old world pieces. 

Armadillo & Co has a fantastic selection of natural fiber rugs. All of their products are handmade, using Fair Trade practices with natural and sustainable fibers. Large, small weave, floor baskets are another great addition for aesthetic or functional purposes. One of our favorites is the floppy edge, Banana Leaf Floor Basket. Woven rattan pendant lights are another easy way to bring in that natural fiber and handmade quality found in the Mediterranean. Try the Large Cordial Hanging Pendant design by Selamat.  

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Bring in an air of the Mediterranean with a bold blue and white tile. Some of our favorites can be found at: Fireclay, Tabarka, Popham Design, Cle Tile, Marrakech Design, Cement Tile Shop, and Avente Tile.  

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Natural textiles help add texture and a luxurious feel to your space. These sheer linen curtains help keep the space light and breezy. Cusco Stripe napkins from Kufri are hand-dyed and handwoven. Rustic ceramic serveware can also contribute to that old world feel, like this hand moulded pasta bowl.

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Mediterranean plants aren't just beautiful, but they are very resilient. Try planting an olive tree, some rosemary or lavender.

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