Throwing It Back

Here at HCD we love restaurants that throw their design back to a different era. Over time with updates, restaurants can lose the original character of the space. We are currently wrapping up a project where we remodeled it to be in line with the original design and architecture of the restaurant (can't wait to reveal that one to you soon!). There are so many great design movements to pull from, whether it be Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, Mid-Century Modern, or Industrial, just to name a few. Below are some of our recent favorites that are both new and rehabbed back to their glory days. 

The Saratoga: Located in a building that was built shortly after the 1906 earthquake, this renovation pulled from the 1920's for inspiration. A steel and glass chandelier is the main feature, as it extends to both dining rooms (upstairs and downstairs). 

Tiki culture has always been a huge part of San Francisco. While it's a movement that started in the 1930's it's alive and thriving in the Bay Area. While there are lots of places to choose from the Tonga Room is the classic of the bunch. Pagan Idol is the city's newest addition and is an excellent example of the style.

There are quite a few Original Joe's throughout the Bay Area, but a couple have gotten recent facelifts. While Original Joe's of North Beach was the first to be redone, it was Original Joe's of Westlake that really went for it on the interiors. The interior is all out 1950's mid-century modern and really takes you back to when this restaurant was in its heyday. 

Leo's Oyster Bar: Pictures of this restaurant are all over Pinterest and blogs, because it's design is stunning. Walking in takes you back to an era of 1950's cocktail lounges, with a splash of tropical decor. Some of our favorite features are the palm and floral wallpaper, vintage rattan furniture, and the illuminted pink onyx bar.  

Horsefeather: Their design was loosely inspired by the American Arts & Crafts period. This comes across through the astounding amount of woodwork in the space. Wood paneling is featured throughout the restaurant, while the bar is made up of some exquisite built-ins.