Inspiration In The Workplace

Lately we've been looking at a lot of awesome office spaces. We've recently wrapped up one office project and have a few more coming our way, so its important to stay inspired. Below, find some images that have caught our eye and some of the features we liked best. 

There's nothing we love more here at HCD than a good black & white scheme. These offices have used paint and other materials in creative ways to make these monochrome spaces feel interesting. 

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A lot of spaces we've seen have a pretty minimalist design, but they incorporate huge pops of color. Some of the favorites seem to be bright orange and yellow. This can be successful in a variety of ways, such as colorful furniture, color blocked walls, rugs, and painted metal accents. 

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It seems to be a common theme to have glass conference room walls. It opens up the entire space, the conference rooms feel like an extension of the main area, and it makes everything feel bigger overall. Also in an open working environment, it keeps those in the conference rooms from feeling cut off from the rest of the company. Not to mention is a great way to bring interesting architectural elements into the building. 

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Conference tables don't have to be so stuffy. Bring in interesting tables, chairs, and lighting. 

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The most important areas these days in any office seems to be the flex space / break out areas. Lounge space where an employee can find a place to work (other than their desk) or an area where a small group can gather to have an informal or creative meeting. Some of these spaces feature creative built-ins, minimalist design, or others seem to resemble something closer to your living room. 

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