2017 Design Trends

At the beginning of the year I like to reflect on the work we at HCD have done and what we want to continue doing or do more of in the new year.  Below are just a few of the trends we'll be focusing on for 2017.

1. Terrazzo instead of marble - This dynamic, energetic material is ready for its comeback. The colors, movement and variation create a comforting throw back that can be exceptionally beautiful and extremely durable.

2. Fast Casual Chic - People are going out to eat more than ever these days and everyone is longing for a great designed space even if its at the neighborhood falafel spot. Fast casual is really stepping up its design game and I'm completely inspired. 

3. Over the top lighting in casual spaces. Lighting is such a huge part of your overall experience when you go out to eat. Lighting can change the way you feel instantly and grand or modern lighting fixtures are a total yes in my book! 

4. Indoor Plants - Trees, potted plants and living walls are still feeling fantastic indoors.

5. Plaster Walls - When restaurant designers are looking to add in texture and depth to a space plaster walls have a limitless possibility to fold in color and art in a subtle way. 

6. Custom Seating - The amount of not so attractive commercial grade stools and chairs in the world is painful. When you can't find what your are looking for, design it yourself! 

7. Leather, Textiles and Velvets - The technology that goes into making heavy duty fabrics these days is incredible and allows designers to pull from a much wider variety of luxury materials than ever before. 

8. Large format Photography - Human expression can add so much to a space and by introducing large format photography the design can instantly be transformed with history or emotion. 

9. White walls - There was a long time where white walls felt stuffy or cold. By mixing warm white tones with wood, metal and more natural materials you can achieve just as much warmth as the next color. 

10. Rethinking the banquette - There is nothing more cozy than a booth! Mixing up seating styles, typical layouts and playing with the concept of the banquette has allowed restaurants more flexibility than ever before. 

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