Project Reveal: Phlox Commons

One of the most recent projects we've completed is Phlox Commons, a hotel restaurant & beer/wine bar with a comfortable American brasserie vibe. It's located in the Lower Nob Hill neighborhood inside the Hotel Carlton

We wanted the space to feel really approachable to travelers and so we used a variety of materials you might find at a restaurant or bar anywhere in the world. The combination of classic subway tiles and brass finishes along side modern lighting and mixed wood tones allows for an inviting but sophisticated experience. The wallpaper we chose was inspired by local Bay Area outdoor environments and the mix of cool green-blue color tones are to emulate the natural surroundings of the water and the landscape in and around San Francisco.  

Location: 1075 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109, inside Hotel Carlton

Lighting at the bar includes Lambert & Fils Dot Suspension


Photography By: Lauren Edith Anderson