Wanderlust - France/Sicily

About once a year I have the good fortune of taking off for a few weeks and experiencing something new and lovely. My wanderlust is insatiable and always has been. The truth is travel resets me, mentally and creatively. Without dipping into unknowns, I find life to be a bit flat and uninspiring. When you travel, especially is there are cultural and language barriers, there is such beauty in the reward and gain of the adventure.  

I thrive on the way other people live, eat and dream. I absolutely love integrating into new worlds that are so different from my own.  This is what really truly keeps my creative mind open and free. When you have to be open to the way other people live you see and absorb in a different way. It is an essential part of who I am and I love sharing it with you.

All that said and all I brought you back are a bunch of ridiculous doors. A true obsession of mine thanks to my Mama. Simple, Ornate, large or small, I am just mesmerized by the colors, shapes, and stories that live inside. This trip we spent a week in the South of France and a week in Sicily (a place all people should get a chance to go to!) I hope you can feel the warmth and the richness in history and culture by exploring these images! Enjoy. 


Also this is why you should go spend a week on a Volcano in Sicily!