3 Easy, Last Minute Table Setting Ideas...

The Holidays are here....like it or not and it's time to set the table. Here are three last minute table settings that include easy to find items you probably already have laying around your house. 


1. Burlap makes a perfect rustic and simple table runner. You can purchase it by the yard at just about any local craft store.

2. I never worry about my silverware matching. I have loads of vintage pieces collected over the years and I love the way they look all mixed together.  

3. We use a variety of Riedel wine glasses, and I always leave a small after dinner drink glass on the table to remind me to offer an amaro or scotch to those who want to partake.

4. I have a fetish for Heath plates so at this point I am lucky enough to have a large collection. If you don't have plates you love, they sell perfectly fine white plates for about $2.99 at Ikea and I love having a back up set of all matching plates for when extra guests show up! 

5. Instead of a floral arrangement and/or centerpiece I use one simple green centerpiece surrounded by tea lights to set the mood and create ambiance. A large overdone floral arrangement just never really works at the dinner table, keep it low, simple and to the point. 



thanksgiving place setting guide 1

I used some blank note cards and removed the back layer for place cards. I love a black linen as I think it adds a nice contrast to this color palette and I used dried eucalyptus and a few scattered persimmons to add brightness and a focal point at the center of the table. 





This is such a simple centerpiece composed of a dried Olive tree branch and stained wine corks. I think the combination feels casual, festive and adds just the right amount of color and texture. I used handmade cotton paper for the place cards, simple white napkins and empty wine bottles for water service. 


I used a found piece of drift wood as the anchor of this design adorned with simple white sand dollars.  To offset the neutral color palette, I stacked grey plates and a black linen on top of one another. You can add a  vintage printed paper for the place card and tuck one eucalyptus leaf under the bread plate to add a pop of color.