Wanderlust - Morocco

Whatever drew me to Morocco I'm not sure. The colors, the heat, the food are equal contenders but the real draw was slightly more spiritual than a describable noun.  Whatever journey I was looking for I found from the instant I stepped into the town of Tangier. Surrounded with new smells, sounds and tastes we were instantly captivated by the twisted, twirling bustle of the city center in each place we went. Snake charmers, steaming roasted meats, fresh new vegetables, fruits and cheeses I have never seen or tasted and the seemingly hourly ritual of hot sweet fresh mint tea. The tea is more of an excuse to just be, alone or in a conversation, a concept very foreign to an American but one I would love to absorb into my routine. The pace was fast but delicate the people are happy and intrigued, and the experience was one I will cherish forever. 

I snapped a few shots to try and capture the layered depth of beauty this culture has fabricated.  The history and design seem to stem from one another which is why upon my return I invested in every book I could find on the topic of the origin of patterns and ornament.  I hope you go to Morocco and enjoy it as much as I did.  More pattern blogs to come I am sure...feeling very inspired.