The Recharge

To rest is more useful than I remember every time I really indulge in this activity.  I woke up this morning feeling bright and ready. To recharge sometimes takes extreme measures of sitting and listening and being.  Ben and I took a wonderful trip down the coast to Big Sur which has always been one of my favorite places on the planet . The dramatic edging cliffs and smooth aqua blue water combine to create rich textures, sounds and movement. 

Our late night adventure to the Esalen baths couldn't have been more beautiful or calming. Staring off into the deep vast ocean snuggled in a warm mineral bath with the glow of the new moon rising behind creates a dream like experience I will never forget. 

The colors in Big Sur are unlike many places in the world. The crisp clean waters and deep strong earth tones combine to create a palette full of inspiration and life. Taking inspiration from the world that surrounds you is the easiest way to stay engaged and true. The experience of seeing new things and enjoying new life isn't only exciting it is necessary to stay creative and inspired. Go, learn, experience and breathe into life as best you can in whatever that means for you.