Soft, Smooth, Serene

I don't always know why I am drawn to anything at first. A small ceramic vessel, a painting, the built environment or a garden. All very different items yet in general the principals to create beautiful objects or space are the same. And the elements of these principals become something I take for granted.  There are moments where I forget to explain to a client why things work because in my head they work and I have trained myself to think about them working without having to really think about it. 


Texture is one of the elements that I notice is a challenge for people to integrate. It is a detail that is often overlooked or forgotten completely. Take inspiration from the textures around you that make you feel content, inspired or calm. Everyday we touch and observe millions of textures and each one has a unique characteristic and beauty that can be found and replicated or integrated into the things we want to create.  Don't be shy about layering textures you love, nature does it for you so take note and inspiration and follow the universal principals that surround us. 


Clay 2d texture 1.11.11.jpg