Meet the HCD team

HANNAH - Principal Designer & Founder  


Hannah specializes in hospitality and residential interior design.  Her inspirations from fine arts and travel have developed her unique style which embodies a dedication to pure and balanced design. Her versatility to design custom furniture and lighting or to integrate found objects allows her designs to develop organically and to be centered around each individual client.  Design is a process and a journey from concept to construction, and with a dedication to her craft she will work with each client to determine the most dynamic and efficient way to create a beautiful, inspired space. 

1.Favorite color: Black 2.Ocean or Desert : Ocean 3.Astrological Sign: Cancer - a true crab at heart 4.Favorite article of clothing: on the daily my black leather jacket, or the rare occasion a vintage hat usually from my nana's closet  5.Sibling count: 1 - sister 1- brother in law 6.Obsession: Fleur Vibrante from In fiore. I seriously do not think I could live with out it 7.Dog or Cat: Dogs for sure. Have you seen my personal instagram @hannerco I am obsessed with mine 8.Favorite Space in SF: Ocean Beach, I live within blocks and try to start and end my days there.  9.Favorite Material to specify/work with: Tile or ceramics in general. My deep attraction to the dimensions and texture you can get out of clay and stone is something I have always considered an integral part of my aesthetic 10. Beer Wine or Spirit: Wine...I'm spoiled by my Husbands wine making talents 11.Famous artist you align with most: Madonna - blonde, breaking barriers for women and sexuality, and still looks incredible at almost 60 years old

Emily - Restaurant Development & Construction Management  

Emily’s background is in restaurants and hospitality management. Her inspirations come from traveling the world, and experiencing other cultures through the viewpoint of food and hospitality.  As a former Vice President to a large boutique hospitality company, she brings a unique advantage to the firm with years of experience conceptualizing, opening, and managing restaurants.

1.Favorite color: Gray 2.Ocean or Desert : Ocean 3.Astrological Sign: Leo 4.Favorite article of clothing: A great pair of jeans  5.Sibling count: 1 - sister (if you are on this website I am sure you have heard of her), 1- brother in law 6.Obsession: My Garden 7.Dog or Cat: Dog 8.Favorite Place in SF: Sitting at the bar at Nopa 9. Beer Wine or Spirit: Wine or…. a great Negroni 10. Famous artist you align with most: Danny Meyer – I consider him is an artist of hospitality and a master restaurateur, someone I look up to a lot.  


KARA  - Senior Designer

Favorite color: white. off white. eggshell. creme. ivory. you get it. 2.Ocean or Desert : nothing compares to the smell of desert creosote after the rain. 3.Astrological Sign: leo 4. Favorite article of clothing: shoes. story has it this was also my first word.  5.Sibling count: we are 3 and I'm the middle 6.Obsession: fine dining. house plants. travel. hats. 7. Dog or Cat: dogs! 8. Favorite Space in SF: The Progress 9. Favorite Material to specify/work with: pretty metals get me excited 10. Beer Wine or Spirit: i love the surprise and (mini) adventure of trying a new wine 11. Famous artist you align with most: lifetime fan of anne of green gables, robyn, jenny lewis. 



COLETTE - Senior Designer

1. Favorite color: Blue. Ocean blue, sea foam blue, cobalt blue, blue 2.Ocean or Desert: 1000% Ocean 3.Astrological Sign: Cancer 4. Favorite article of clothing: Not one article, but one outfit. Bikini, sundress, floppy hat, havaiianas. 5.Sibling count: One older brother, who is the best. 6.Obsession: Two obsessions tied for one. 1. Doing anything in the water; surfing, swimming, just holding my breath. 2. Making anything with my hands; sewing, painting, model making 7.Dog or Cat: Dogs! 8.Favorite Space in SF: Legion of Honor 9. Favorite Material to specify/work with: Fabric or Wallpaper 10. Beer Wine or Spirit: Spirit 11. Famous artist you align with most: Ray and Charles Eames

AVERY - Junior Designer