I started our company 5 years ago with the temporary name of Hannah Collins Designs, for lack of a better way to describe my one woman show. I always knew it would amount to something much bigger than me and a handful of clients, but I wasn’t 100% sure what shape it would take. My sister and I dreamed from a pretty young age of the day we would own a thriving company, rooted in our love of hospitality. We believed in it so deeply it was as if nothing would stop us from getting there. Eventually at some point on our 5 year path, we knew it was time to expand the brand and the name; to grow out of our undefined years and into a company who knew exactly who it was and where it wanted to be.

 Roy is our expression of this change and a company we are ready to really grow with. The backstory of the name is that Roy was our Grandfather’s middle name, and he was always a true inspiration to our entrepreneurial spirit and drive. We are challenging the status quo of an all female staff with a hyper masculine name. Roy is bold, confident, engaged and ballsy. We believe we are building something for our family to be proud of, but also something that really matters to us!

 Thank you for believing in us then and now! We love our clients and the relationships we have built over the years! We hope this creates more opportunities for us to grow together.