Meet the HCD team

HANNAH - Principal Designer & Founder  


Hannah specializes in hospitality and residential interior design.  Her inspirations from fine arts and travel have developed her unique style which embodies a dedication to pure and balanced design. Her versatility to design custom furniture and lighting or to integrate found objects allows her designs to develop organically and to be centered around each individual client.  Design is a process and a journey from concept to construction, and with a dedication to her craft she will work with each client to determine the most dynamic and efficient way to create a beautiful, inspired space. 

Emily - Restaurant Development & Construction Management  

Emily’s background is in restaurants and hospitality management. Her inspirations come from traveling the world, and experiencing other cultures through the viewpoint of food and hospitality.  As a former Vice President to a large boutique hospitality company, she brings a unique advantage to the firm with years of experience conceptualizing, opening, and managing restaurants.


SARA  - Senior Designer 

Sara comes from a long line of builders and contractors who have inspired the core of her dynamic designs. She gains inspiration from the natural beauty she find in the authenticity of salvaged items, or whimsical pieces found at antique fairs and flea markets. Sara's open awareness helps her provide clients with modern, contemporary style while ensuring each design remains unique and well suited to the customers' personality. Most importantly, Sara loves working closely with her clients to help them develop their own personal style by providing a myriad of pictorial references, support, guidance, and constant communication and feedback that encourages them to take risks and fall in love with the process. 



WHITNEY - Junior Designer

Whitney loves the challenge of finding solutions that accommodate a client’s specific needs. She thinks that designing should be like collecting; take your time, mix and match, and choose things you love. You'll end up with a collection that you're truly proud of. Whitney received a certificate in Interior Design & Interior Architecture from UC Berkeley Extension. Before pursing a career in interior design she worked in Public Relations. She is an avid runner and finds that her runs are the best time to clear her mind and meditate on design ideas. She stays inspired by pushing herself to do and try new things, like traveling or picking up piano.

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